SquatWart's Sewing Side

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Hello, you will probably not believe me, but one day something awful happened to me.

I was an intern at Nike-Ellidiom, and I was making the Spingabub show. Since I'm an intern, I get to see the episodes before everyone else. But today, the episode was very strange.

The Spingabub intro was very wierd, the pirate at the beginning was talking in a demonic voice, and the episode's name was «SquatWarts Sewing Side».

It started with SquatWart practicing on his bagpipe as usual, and he was going to have a concert. At the concert there was many fishes, and Spingabub and Pattern was there too. However, everyone had hyperderpy eyes. When SquatWart began to play, everyone started booing on him, even Spingabub and Pattern. Then some fishes in smoking came up, and sewed him for destroying all the glass in the Thong Bottom. He had to pay a fine of $666 666 dollars, and then he ran home.

When he was back in his bedroom, his eyes were the most hyperderpy eyes I have ever seen. The other people watching the episode was laughing so hard the were throwing up. We could here a very weak nyan-ing in the background, and then one of the frames stopped. It was of a kid, who someone had nyaned to death!

The frame disappeared, and SquatWart was raising a shotgun. Now the nyan-ing got louder and louder, until we heard a demonic voice say «Derp it.» Then he shot himself.

After that we were trying to find out who had made this, but we saw that the last changes was made excactly 66,6 seconds before we had watched it, which was impossible since we had been carrying it! After that I had to go to psychiatric therapy becuase I couldn't stop laughing.

I warn you, if you ever see an episode with a suspicious title, don't watch it.

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