Squidward's Herbicide

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If you're look for an answer at the end, there isn't because why would there be an answer to a lost episode about Squidward killing plants?

Hi, I'm an intern from Nickelodeon and I was in an editing room with 2 other interns. It was 2005, and we were supposed to receive the episode, "Fear of the Naggy Bitch", but we got something else. It was called, "Squidward's Herbicide". The interns and I didn't know anything about a "Squidward's Herbicide", so we played it on a VHS player, because the tape was VHS. This is were things begin to seem off.

The episode starts out with metal or rock music. It was odd because an ordinary episode starts with happy music. Moving on, it starts normally with Squidward playing the clarinet. SpongeBob's laugh is heard in the background, and Squidward looks annoyed. Squidward walks to his window and opens it to tell SpongeBob, "Be quiet!". SpongeBob stops laughing and goes inside his house. The camera pans into Squidward's face and he plays perfectly. He becomes happy and goes to the concert. The bubbles come in and it goes to the end of Squidward's concert. Everyone is cheering and Squidward seems very happy. He even tears a bit because of how good he played. The bubbles come in and it shows Squidward happy in his yard, not long after the concert. Squidward brings out a leafcutter and cuts leaves. Leaves fly into the air and majestic music plays. SpongeBob comes out of nowhere and cheers for Squidward. "Dreams do come true!", yells Squidward happily. Happy music keeps playing with Squidward spinning and a light shining down on him.

The episode ends there. The interns and I looked confused, we decided to use ideas from this lost episode to other episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. Maybe people who make lost episodes aren't all bad, but then a skeleton popped out with hyper-realistic eyes and hyper-realistic bones.

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