Squidward's Insecticide

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heyu guys im a harcore spongebob fan and this wired thing happed to meh last nite. i was awoken last night by a full bladder and went to go piss. wen I tried to fall back asleep i coulden't so i went and watched spongebob. 

Da Episode!!!

I was amazed at how lucky i was to turen on da tv as soon as a episode of spongebob came on but what i saw was rather odd... the titel card said "Squidward's Insecticide" on it and it was written in HYPER REALISTIC BLOOOD!! I thought to myself "probably a minor glitch" and shruged it off. but what i saw next was more weirder! all the directors names were "LUCIFER" and were also written in HYPER REALISTIC BLOOOD!! finally the episod began. it began with squidwerd trying to kill a fly (yes, underwater) and he was struggeling. the fly

mocked him and he stared to laugh and told the fly "stay here for a second" he grabbed a can of insectecide and sprayed it. the fly fell on da floor and everything stopped then the camera zoomed into it AND THE FLY WAS SPONGEBOB :O the camera the zommed into squidward's face he had a scary grin and HYPER REALISTIC EYYEES

S!! it was so scary that i scramed and fainted. wen i waked up the episode was still playing but it was at the exact moment i fainted as if the episode "waited" 4 me to get up i contunied. Sqeuidward then put the insecticide in his mouth and sprayed he started to bloat untill he EXPLODED! into HYPER REALISTIC GGUUTTSS! the screen went to black and then patrixxx appeared on the screen. I tried to turn off the tv but it wouldnt work Patrixxx was just inprinted into the tv he's still on it as a write this! the nek day i drowned in my own HYPER REALISTC BLOOD!! and HYPER REALISTICLY DIED! 

Then a skeleton poped out.

oh yeh and i forgot to tell you now that you read this you will inevitably drown in my HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD!! the end

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