Squidward's Suicide 2: The Yellow Mist

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I used to work as an intern at Nickelodeon Studios. I got a degree in animation. One day, I was going home with my newly acquired Shin Megami Tensei IV for 3DS, an old shady man gave me a VHS that said, "DA YELLOW MIST". I got it for one cent. I went home and put the VHS in my VHS player, and it was a Spongebob episode. A salesman went to Spongebob and said "LETS HAVE FUN!". Then they did. The salesman then told Spongebob the yellow mist is coming. Suddenly Spongebob was fired from his Krusty Krab job. He then went home........ and he was crying Hyper-Realistic blood. I see in Spongebob's hand, a chainsaw. He slices himself in half.... hyper-realistic blood and organs were all over the place. Then I see on my carpet was Spongebob's skeleton.

Written by Haramonia
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