Squidward's Superpie

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Squidward was playing his flute, when spawngbwab and patwix interrupted him by laughing and stuff.

So Squidward (being the anusbear he is) yelled "shut up!"

Spawngbwab and patwix then started crying 'n shit. Squidward went back to playing his flute (terribly) and then the stupid ass bubble transition appeared, and Squidward was "playng" his flute to a crowd, and they all jeered at him.

Squidward then left and was sobbing 'n stuff. A hyper realistic image of his face appeared and stuff, and dead people also appeared.

Then Squidward picked up his gun and shot himself...

The end, asshole!

Written by Habergeon
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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