Squidward doesn't suicide (or does he)

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

i'm scared i think? from this shit called a episode.

So somebody threw a stupid vhs at my fucking wall and i picked it up and it says squidwards nose. so i ate half of the tape and smashed it sideways into the gay retarded vhs player?. it started with squidward playing the flute with his dick and the screen is a screen. a knocking on the door is heard. squidward yelled fuck!. he licks his nose and slithers to the door. he kicked down the door and a realistic gay mailmen gave squidward a rock horse dildo. squidward slamed the door on the mail mens crotch. squidward put the dildo up his nose far. squidward pooped out a rubber duck in the toilet. squidward then rode on toilet paper out of the bathroom. the toilet paper flew with squidward on it. so then squidward ate spongebobs house whole. spongebob then started screaming like a little bitch he is. squidward threw a rock at spongebobs head and spongebob got knocked out. and squidward got his flute and rubbed his poop on it. he then ate it and his nose fell off. squidward screamed but it was in slo motion. squidward jumped out the window and landed on the mail man. the mail man died realistically. so squidward was then on a wheel chair with a bag of cocaine in one hand. he went to the flute club and ate everybodys flute. then people beated squidward up and squidward shot them with a shotgun and rode out on his magical toilet paper

he flew in the sky and got hit by a plane. and it then showed squidward naked on his couch with a popsicle he then meletd in poop.

then the squidward derp picture popped on the screen for 2 seconds.

the tape got out and grew legs and walked away. so i was all like what the fuck just happened!!!

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