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I used to work at is a intern at Nickelodeon studios. one day, I was called in to review a new episode of SpongeBob that was going to air. whenever I went in, I sat down and the episode begun. it was titled Squidward is dead. the episode started with doing work at the crusty crab. after a little bit of working and handing out crabby patties and him doing small Talk with Squidward, they go home it shows a time card the next day and now SpongeBob and Patrick are outside blowing bubbles. Squidward comes outside and sits down to eats thing I think it was supposed to be a cake with Lean as a drink. anyways, the bubbles start coming out from behind Squidward’s house and hopping in his face so he gets super pissed and goes in Lean as a drink anyways.

the bubbles start coming out from behind Squidward’s house and hopping in his face, so he gets super pissed and goes in his backyard to yell at SpongeBob and Patrick. he walks up to SpongeBob and screams in his face and SpongeBob runs away crying. Then he looks at Patrick and says to him "you better stop blowing those bubbles tubby." Then he looks at Patrick and says to him "you better stop blowing those bubbles tubby." Patrick gets super pissed look Squidward right in the face and says "nobody calls me tubby" and punches him in the face. Squidward has birds flying around his head and falls over and dies.

later the next day, Squidward comes back to life but as a psychotic zombie. he gets in his house and closes the door and boards it up, then he goes into his upstairs bathroom and starts a bath, and then hops in while he says "well sinking under the water, it’s time for squids is revenge." later the next day time card shows up, and it shows SpongeBob’s house. Patrick walks up and he knocks on the door. SpongeBob opens it, and Patrick walks in. however, then it immediately cuts to a time card that says meanwhile, end it shows Squidward in a shed grabbing a shovel, hammer, and rope. Then It cuts the Squidward walking in to the the It cuts the Squidward walking in to the the crusty crab and then walking into Mr. Krabs office

Mr. Krabs is a Hoyt Mr. Squidward then Squidward locks the door and begins walking towards Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs says "what are you doing Mr. Squidward?" but then Mr. Krabs starts screaming whenever Squidward hits him right in the face with a hammer and then takes out the shovel and start stabbing him with it. it immediately cuts to SpongeBob and Patrick again. SpongeBob is standing there with a weird look on his face well Patrick is trying to tell him something but isn’t doing a very good job. SpongeBob begins trying his best to understand what Patrick is trying to tell him until Patrick blurts out "SpongeBob, I killed Squidward!" SpongeBob screams and yells "Patrick, are you the imposter?" Patrick proceeds to tell SpongeBob what happened and how it was an Patrick proceeds to tell SpongeBob what Happened, when out of nowhere, *bang* *bang* *bang* *bang* *bang* on SpongeBob’s front door.

SpongeBob and Patrick got scared and then Squidward walked in the door holding his tools SpongeBob and Patrick knew he was there to kill them, so they jumped out the window but SpongeBob then yelled Gary but before he could do anything Squidward crush Gary with the hammer. SpongeBob began crying was Patrick picked him up and began running away. SpongeBob looked up and said in tears "I’ll get you for that squid word." then SpongeBob and Patrick begin running and they run and then take shelter, but not really. they kind of just make a campfire they just decide to sit around and figure out what to do about Squidward, he’s back from the dead and they know he wants them dead. when I don’t know where they here went went went went went went the sound when Squidward walks. SpongeBob and Patrick both get very scared one, out of nowhere their firewall goes out. they both jump up and huddle up when Squidward pops out he’s all white. He’s got red and black eyes and he’s crying red, blue, and black tears. he screams "SpongeBob!" and then SpongeBob and Patrick begin running from Squidward.

he been chasing them down with a psychotic look on his face they keep running and running. but then, Squidward throws his rope in a lasso and grabs Patrick and pulls him back then it should. Squidward take a grenade, unhook it, and put it in Patrick’s mouth then, Squidward begins running away. and then it cuts to show SpongeBob running and then an explosion in the background. he screams, and then runs into the Krusty Krab. he then runs into Mr. Krabs office to ask Mr. Krabs for help, but then he screams when he sees Mr. Krabs bloody and battered body hanging by a rope from the ceiling. he looks through the doorway and sees Squidward walking in. he screams, and tries to hide in Mr. Krabs office but he can’t do anything. when Squidward walks in Squidward, pulls out a baseball bat and begins walking towards SpongeBob and says "I got you now!" but then SpongeBob gathers the courage to kick Squidward in this Stomach. Squidward flies back and SpongeBob hides behind Mr. Krabs desk when all of a sudden, he hears the door open. Then we hear Squidward say "oh, so you’ve come back for more. well, this should be easy!"

then we hear the sound of a gun loading. Squidward yells "oh no!" then when you hear the gun blasters Squidward at least 30,000 times. then SpongeBob gathers the courage to climb out from behind the desk and look out into the crusty crab and he sees Patrick. Patrick is standing there holding mini gun, while standing above Squidward’s corpse, and then he says "nobody calls me tubby!" SpongeBob runs over to Patrick with tears in his eyes and gives him a hug and says "Patrick you’re a tubby." Patrick begins to get super pissed, but then before We can see what Patrick does, the episode We can see what The credits, and there was nothing much after that aside from the fact that we can see talking been in the background. anyways anyways, I checked the tape with the guy who showed me it and he said that wasn’t the actual episode. we looked and saw that someone had edited it only minutes before we had to begun watching. it was definitely someone in the office but I still don’t know to this day. I decided I wanted to investigate it at the time, but came up fruitless. I even showed it to other And they have no clue

Written by Barry b benson 3
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