Starfox 666

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it starts out with a guy named phillip, he liked all types of games from mario 64 to skyrim. He has all games exept one called starfox 64. It was raining outside so he couldent go to gamestop. He bought the game online on ebay and he found the game starfox 64 alone with a written piece of tape saying. "starfox 64." He didnt care about the conditions or how it was treated so he bought it anyway. After he bought it the game came in about 1 day. The game came in a package with a flashdrive saying. "READ THIS" he looked at the flashdrive and he kept the flashdrive in his drawer safe after he played his game. He placed the game in the 3DS cartrage and he began to play. The game started as the normal starfox 64 label. But as he clicked start the start screen changed from starfox 64 into starfox 666. The screen shows fox without slippy, falco, and rabbit. Fox was standing there smiling with dark eyes and red pupils. Phillip was shocked. Phillip thought he was seeing things and he continued playing.A text box appeared saying. "you should have not buyed this game Phillip... Turn off the game...... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The scream was so loud the speakers almost blew up. Then it said. "turn back?" it had a yes or no asking him if he wanted to quit the game. Phillip couldent choose yes so he chose no and Foxes head was rushing to the screen saying. "IF YOU WONT TURN BACK I WILL MAKE YOU!!!!!!!!" Phillip rushed to the tv to turn it off. He was about to turn it off when fox came out of the tv and ripped his head off. A few days later the police found him dead with no suspects.

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