Steamboat Willie 2: Order of Islam

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On the Disney Dream, there was a seemingly small disaster of great proportions. We had just gotten off the coast of Somalia the cruise was heading to Toon Town to drop off our slaves from Africa. We saw a small boat riding alongside our grand cruise, the people on it seemed very poor and sad, but when they spotted our boat and started heading toward it, Icould tell something was very wrong.

We immediately made a complete halt and announced to our visitors that something was wrong. We were ready to call the authorities, but our radios had been tampered with. We didn't have any real weapons on this boat of ours, so we had no way to prepare for the disasters we were about to face. they attached a ladder to our boat and climbed on one by one. These terrorists (Who represented all of Islam) were armed with very large weapons, which had tons of ammo. All we had was a flare gun with two rounds of ammo, we missed on our first shot but we saved the next round for later. This is the story of Steamboat Willie 2: The Order of Islam

We knew we were in big trouble and that there was no way out of this when Captain Mickey said, "Lower the anchors! We are required to go into a temporary halt, as the terrorists boarding the ship can not be negotiated with. Be warned that we may have to give up our ship in order to remain safe from the terrorists!" And just like that, people started to plunge into the water, one by one. They would rather drown than even try to get the ship to land! The terrorists were shooting the drowning passengers just to show how truly serious this incident was. They later told us that they wanted the ship and the captain, so we said we'd deliver their orders. But we had a plan.

Our plan was to seduce the Pirates with a really sexy lullaby called "London Bridge is Falling Down". They got really fucking horny and started fucking each other. One of them started to squirt Santorum out of his dick hole, while all the other pirates were throwing up bloody bile in each other's anuses and mouths. They started to kill themselves and shit semen out of their boobs. Also they were shemales. Bob, one of the Pirates, started fucking him/herself, then he squirt into Wayne the Weird Whale's blowhole. Wayne is my whale, he is very smart, my parents might have to put him down('s syndrome.)

The bloody bile and Santorum mixed to make a shitty bile cum monster, that started crapping pink puke. Matty, my friend, started to shit out bile and orange hair. It splashed on the ground and it stank like a skank. Gordon Freeman took off his glasses and revealed that he had testicles for eyes and eyes for testicles. It was really hot. Also his dick was a nose. Morgan Freeman, Gordon's brother, started to lick Gordon's eyes so he could finally taste Gordon's tears. But there were no tears, only cum.

This angered Morgan Freeman and made him think about how great it would be to act out his crush fetish. He brought a bag of hamsters just in case. He killed all of the passengers except for Gordon and Mickey. Gordon was in a coma, and during that Morgan removed Gordon's penis and put it in Gordon's stomach. By the time Gordon woke up, Morgan's plan was almost done.

Morgan had a bag of hamsters and a hammer filled with pure gold. He mashed the hamsters down to a thick chunky liquid. He mixed the remains of the dead passengers and terrorists into a bowl.

Using the remaining flare in the flare gun, he shot out Gordon's testicle eye. Morgan poured the mush into Gordon's eye socket and Gordon woke up. He started moaning with pleasure, but Morgan did not like this. Morgan started to smash Gordon's skull and fucked his mushy eye socket. Unbeknownst to Morgan, Gordon had pinkeye. Morgan was infected.

Morgan's infection became an infestation. His urethra was filled with hundred of thousands of tapeworms. He pulled them out in gooey strings and made a whip out of them. He went inside to look for Mickey.

Mickey was aware that Morgan was on the boat. Morgan had taken over the controls and turned off the ship's power. It started sinking into the ocean depths. Mickey had a plan to get rid of Morgan once and for all. He started a grease fire in the boat's kitchen and Morgan went to investigate. Morgan brought his tapeworm whip in case Mickey was there. 

Morgan's vision was foggy due all the smoke so he couldn't see. Now was Mickey Mouse's Chance to put an end to Morgan's sick and twisted killing spree. Mickey disarmed Morgan and made a noose with the whip. He hanged Morgan on the ship's anchor. The horror seemed to be over for Mickey. But he forgot to put out the grease fire. The fire made the ship explode and Mickey's life was put to an end. I died really early on in the story when the pirates first arrived.

This concludes Steamy Boner William II's Story.

Written by UnluckyCharms
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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