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Alright, so do any one of you remember the incident that was "SuicideMouse.avi"? You know, that unreleased Disney short that made viewers go crazy? Well, not many know that there was one incident involving the cartoon being accidentally shown on Disney+ before being removed shortly after.

I was one of them.

It all started on a Saturday. My mother was going out with her friends to a party, and when she left me to babysit my 6 yr old brother Lucas, she made some ground rules and some do's and don'ts. You know, the usual. After she left, I decided to kick back and browse the web.

While I was surfing the web, I decided to put a movie on for Lucas probably. After all, he's a HUGE Disney fan. From MMC to Little Einsteins to the Disney Renaissance films. So when I decided to put Disney+ in my search bar, something caught my eye...

It was a news article, on a certain short that was hacked and placed in the streaming service before being taken down momentarily. I let out a quiet, "HUH?" I've never seen a short that caused controversy. But, I didn't care. I thought it was a morbid joke. So I decided to put on Disney+ on my TV to start the movie. But when I realized that it was time for Lucas' nap, I was a bit disappointed. So I put tucked him in bed and continued the "Bonding Time" with me and my Oswald plush.

When Disney+ finally booted, I was taken to the standard home menu. Everything was perfectly fine, except for something VERY familiar... I was on the "New to Disney+" section where it showed the new programs they have. You have your usual Thor Love & Thunder, the 2022 Pinnochio Remake, and wait a second... "Suicide Mouse"?

That seemed, oddly familiar... I thought I must be hallucinating. I quickly splashed water in my face and exited out Disney+ and reopened it to make sure it was just a glitch... Surprisingly enough, it wasn't. It just stayed there. But curiosity kept me coming to me. So I decided to view the short anyway and thought it was ok... I dimmed the lights, grabbed some popcorn and started to watch this fabled short.

Oh how I wish I could take it back...

The show didn't open with the Disney+ Original Logo. I assumed that was NOT an original program. Then it showed the Title Card that appeared in every 1920's Mickey Mouse short. The title read, "SUICIDE MOUSE". I was really confused on this. This had to be a joke, right? The second thing that caught my eyes and ears was that there was music, just pure silence. I was expecting Steamboat Bill to play during this title card, but maybe it was just a glitch... As it faded out with the title of the episode, it just stayed there for about 30 seconds until it faded out to black.

When it finally began, the short opened with Mickey walking alone on a street. He had a kinda dismal, neutral expression, with his hand behind his back, and was walking as if you were I were walking. There wasn't any catchy tune or any song playing in the background, it was just some eerie, creepy constant off key piano playing. This lasted for a solid..

(UNFINSIHED, will continue later.)

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