Suicide Octopus

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Ok My 22 Year Old Son Bought PaRappa The Rapper 2 So He Got Done With Level 1 2 3 & 4 Then He Was At Stage 5 Well He Said It Was Different From The Videos So Then He Showed Me How It Really Was & Then I Was Like Why? Could It Be Different His Real Name Is Hairdresser Octopus This One Says Suicide Octopus So Then I Thought We Should Get Rid Of It But The Stores Are Closed To Take It Back So We Wen't To Bed Then I Heard A Razer So I Went Downstairs But It Was THE OCTOPUS FOR REAL LIFE AND HE WAS USING A RAZER TO KILL OUR CAT So He Seen My I Ran As Fast As I Could To My Room Then I Told My Wife And She Said I Do Not Belive You So I Opened The Door He CAME USED THE RAZER THEN KILLED HER & MY SON SO I JUMPED OUT THE WINDOW I STILL SURVIVED Then I Ran Off Then Suddenly I HAD A HUGE AFRO So He Came FROM NOWHERE AND MADE ME BALD SO I Found A Hat That Says Takoyama So I Was Wondering What It Means The The Octopus TOLD ME ITS IT NAME IS JAPANESE SO I DID NOT WEAR IT SO I DID NOT STOP RUNNING SO THEN I WAS IN The Woods And There Was 5 Tents & Five Outhouses & 5 Water Fountains So I Was Thinking All 5 Wait THATS THE STAGE OF THE LEVEL SO I Ran Away I Found 1 Cabin So I Wen't Inside And It Was Fine So I Thought He Would Not Catch Me THEN I Heard A Old Lady She Said Beware Then I Said Your Bald So Then I Said HE WAS HERE Then She Said No Then She Morphed Back To The GUY THEN I SAID YOU MORPHED INTO A OLD LADY TO TRICK ME THEN HE SAID YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Then I RAN SO FAST And Left The Woods And Then I Used This Weird Machine It Made Him Red & Crazy MOR CRAZY SO I Tried To Break It It Flew Away So Then I Tried To Kill Him With A Sword He Flew Also So I Had To Get A PLANE So Ran To The Airport Paid For A Flight And Flew Away Then He Was In It & I Jumped Out Hairdresser Said HAHAHAHAHAHAHOOHOOHOO Then He Tried To Jump In A New Game To Find More People DO NOT GET THAT PARAPAPA THE RAPPER 2 IT HAS HIM!!

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