Super Mario 64 Disaster

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One day I was in my room and I thought, hmmm, today I'll play my N64 and so I turned it on and a gamecard called "SUPEH WARIO 57" appeared. The game had a blood-red Sky with Wario taking a shit in the Greenhill Zone. Suddenly the N64 played "Baby" by Justin Bieber and I died.

I woke up then in Hell and I saw a giant ass fall over me, then a giant shit fell out of it and landed on me, squishing me to death. Then I woke up in the Greenhill Zone and I saw Sonic.EXE, Slenderman, Cupcakes, Winnie the pooh and Noseybonk, and they slaughtered me. Then, finally I was home, I opened the door but then a skeleton popped out and killed me.

I then woke up to be in a room filled with Toad corpses, and then I noticed the bodies of Mario, Luigi and Yoshi Stuck to the wall. There was a note so I read it "Hello, if you are reading this turn around." And so I turned around to see Mitt Romney wearing a Wario costume saying "GAME OVER!" And he killed me.

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