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How it looked like

One time when I woke up, I saw an n64 with Super Mario 64 sitting on my bed. Fearing that I might break it, I slowly moved out of my bed. Then, I questioned to myself, "How did this N64 end up here?" But after a few seconds, I picked it up, went downstairs, and plugged it in into the tv. Then it showed the Super Mario 64 logo, but something was off. Instead of the normal logo, the logo was all red and it also looked like the beta logo. Anyways, I booted up a save file and everything was normal until I entered the castle. When I entered the castle, the wallpaper was like ketchup, but worse! I went into Bob Bom Omb Battlefield. When I was at the star select menu, I saw that the first star was labeled "DIE". I selected it and the first thing I saw was that I was in the hallway to dire dire docks. I wasn't sure why I ended up there, so I tried to leave the level. Even if Mario was idle, it didn't work because the quit button never popped up. The only way to leave the level is to collect a star. After I left the pause menu, I started walking down the hallway with a very creepy feel like something was at the end of the hallway. Then in front of the portal that didn't work, I saw a sign. The text of the sign read "Warning, If you keep walking down this hallway, you will get eaten by the sprits." I was confused what the sign meant by "sprits". And as the sign said, they will eat you when you walk down further. I paused the game to go to the bathroom because I had to take a piss so bad. After I returned, I saw that Mario was walking further down the hallway without me touching the controller. I tried to turn the N64 off and failed. Then I tried to turn off the tv, but the remote disappeared from the couch. Then, I saw and heard something that still gives nightmares to this very day. What I saw was a floating Wario head with a dead mouse next to it. But what I heard was some very creepy Disney music. After about 1 minute of nothing, the music stopped and the Wario head said... "You want fun? Wario show you fun!" The Mario character ran as fast as it can down the hallway. Wario was coming. Then, as wario was about to eat Mario, I found the remote next to some lays and turned off the tv at the very last moment. After that, I saw it was night, so I went to bed. But then I woke up and saw something. It was a giant Wario Head. “What is this? Did you get out of that tape?” I said out loud. “Your going to Brazil buddy.” The Wario Head said. “NOOOOOOO!” I screamed right before I blacked out. When I opened my eyes again, I was in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Then I died to a poisonous spider right afterwards.

Overall, if you ever find a tape on your bed randomly when you wake up, just throw it out of your window, or even better, burn it.

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