Super Mario Bros. Die

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I was playing my classic Super Mario Bros. Wii game on my Wii, and strange things happened. I started it up, and strange things began.

The beginning

It was late at night. I was playing my Wii, at 9:27 PM exactly. I started the Wii, and the back round seemed different. Hyper-realistic blood on the channels, and it forced me to click on "Start Game." I began, and Mario had a demonic face, with hyper-realistic blood in his hyper-realistic eye sockets. Luigi had a slight sadness in his face, same for the toads.

The end

I started world 1-1. only this time, it was titled 1-6-6. I started as Blue toad, which is weird. It seemed like I was in hell! There was no mushroom blocks, just a straight line. I met Mario, and he said "NO MORE! ALL YOU DO IS MAKE ME KILL. YOU MUST PAY!" I jumped out from my seat. I heard a deafening noise out of my Wii, and blood dripped out of it. I died.

Credited to Mr aviator

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