Super Mario Party (SNES)

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Here's the story of this creepy possession. I was on eBay looking for a super duper rare game for SNES and then I found a Super Fx 4 chip game (Super Fx 4 is creepy!) called Super Mario Party. It was based of a N64 Game but a prototype. I had to order it (for 30.00$!). When It came it came in a mystical SNES game sized coffin that had Mario sitting on the dice within Mario's friends. When I opened the coffin I saw the SNES game. It did not work but when I removed it the 12th time, Ectoplasm started to stretch out. I decided to put it back in whiten the Ectoplasm on the terminals and guess what? It worked.

When I turned It on it said Husdon Soft, Nintendo, and Absolute! (it was created by the creators of the Home Improvement Game!) Then after those logos It was black for 2 minutes until a Big Loud Beep that only lasted 9.55 milliseconds! I got shocked then It showed the intro about Bowser's Birthday Party and Mario got tricked to be invited. I decided to skip the intro VIA the Start button but nothing worked. I tried pressing EVERY button on the controller and nothing worked. Then after It told about Mario's invitation trick thingy was told, then it turned black and it said after 55 seconds, "Thus, Mario had a heart attack..." and then it went to the menu. It was same as the N64 Menu but more different.

Now on to the more creepy stuff. I started the party mode but after I choose a stage a text box appeared on a black background with bloody eyes saying "LETS PARTY EVERYONE..." and then I hit the reset button but when I did another text box appeared saying "THERE IS NO ESCAPE..." then I unplugged it but then even creepier a text box said "HAVE FUN..." and then I ran for my life but then a ghostly like Mario in a space suit came out with a knife, killed me and that was the end of my life. Now to make a long story short, don't by haunted SNES cartridges.

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