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Okay, so like, I was this intern at the Pokemon company, and coincidentally, I was like, a biiig fan of Pokemon games too omg :D  I watched the episode that one of the guys told us not to watch

I was all scared and stuff because in the episode Ash was in lavender town and ghost farted in his face and Ash died and I was scared and stuff because when Ash died he was covered in hyper realistic blood and stuff and then a skeleton popped out of the tv and gave me a gameboy cartridge and the skeleton said he bought it at the flea market so yea when I played the game it was Pokemon :D but it had Ghost in it and I automatically went to lavender town and no matter what the music of lavender town kept on playing so I went in lavender tower and all I saw was ghost but then ghost farted on me and killed me and I'm typing this right now because I curse you and you will die the next time you go to flea market so bye

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