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There was once a man who was quite a cool dude. One day he was sailing across the Seas when a kraken destroyed the boat. He dies by drowning. Therefore he became that ghost man dude.

Ever since that day he has been trying to hunt the kraken as he would hunt late at night. Little did he know that the kraken would party all night. After a long time of searching for the kraken he finally gave up and decided to be a peeping tom as he was invisible anyway. Eventually he got bored so he decided to smoke weed all the time.

After a long time of doing the same crap over and over again that ghost man dude decided he wanted to go and fight some crime. So he walked down the street and saw this guy punching his girlfriend in the face so he went and scared the guy away. The girl exclaimed how she thought that ghost man dude was a total badass and how she wanted to go down on him. Later ghost man dude left her and went home so he could sleep.

A couple of months later after fighting more crime that ghost man dude decided he wanted to search for the kraken in the day. In the first day he found him. He leaped up at the kraken and put two large knives in thr krakens eyes. The kraken died from that. That ghost man dude was happy with what he did but eventually got really bored so decided hang himself and die again. He then came back to life as that ghostier man dude. Since then, not a single fuck was given.

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