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A REALLY IMPORTANT WARNONG: I had enough bravery to live to the end of this cursed game so be wary of the scaryness because you could die of being scared so be careful because you could die.

So one dey I went on my compyuter. My friends telled me alot of this Minecraft game and I wanted to play the game. I went on the website but it was different from when I first saw the website on it. There was blood on the H in Minecraft. It scared the hyperrealistic shit out of me. But I'm badass so I baught the game fore 40 dolers, even tho my friends sed it was 15 dolers.

So I went on the game and played the game but it didn't start. Then the world loded and the single player was really boring so I played on a server. There was already a server on the game which scared me, but I IGNORED IT AND WENT ON THE SERVER ANYWAY. This is the truthocity.

There was three other people on my game. They were having of the gamertags which were the names of my friends. "I Amadick" "Giant Penis" "Stupid Bastart" So I killt the weird people. Then I got a phone call from the parents of these people which I killed and they said "WHO IS PHONE?" I Sed Me was phone and they said. Why did your some guy with minecraft name of DIKBUTKISS71 Kill mi son IRL!!!!!!1!!!11one

I ansered "O NO I MUST CALL THE PORICE" By the way I'm asain. So I called the police and they came >:-) and they saifd my frends were ded. Then I went on the game but It was gone!!! The game deleted itself. So I lost my game, my friends, and wurst of all, my 40 dollers!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. Gimme 40 dollers now or your gonna be next you've been warned.

PPPPPPPPPPPS. If you don't believe me you are also next because it is true if you don't just wait. You will bleed hyperrealistic blood. I gurun T you.

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