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In Wyoming, there is a town that is only for old people. They call it "Oldie Land". Oldie Land is for the people that are 60 years old and under. All the old people in Wyoming go there to die, like most old people go to die in Florida. Anyway, a grandmother named Nancy had only one child and one grandson, she lived alone because her husband Steve died after a bus crash with a clown car and when the cars crashed Steve sailed through the windshield and he blew up on the road from the force. Nancy was sad about it but she got over it.

One day her Daughter and her son came over to Oldie Land to visit her and have dinner there. "Mama! We're here!" said her daughter named Jolene. and the doggy

"I'm coming Jolene, hold yo' self!" (The reason why Nancy said that is because she wants to be hip)poison

Nancy opened the door and said "Come on in you crazy clefs! I made us a fantastic dinner. " She said.

They talked and they talked about Steve. Jolene and her son, Billy Bob started to cry because they missed him, but Nancy said "That fat pile of muck is dead! Get it over with it, you!"

"Grandma, that's not nice!" said Billy Bob

"Shut up." Said Nancy. and then she cried

Nancy then walked to the kitchen and cooked dinner. After an hour and a half it was ready.

"Din Din is ready you fools!" said Nancy, making peace signs.

For "din din" they had beef soup, corn, and peaches.

When they were eating the food, Billy Bob started to choke and said

"Grandma! Help me!!!!!!"

"No Billy Bob, you must die with Jolene!"

"I put poison in the food, so you must die!"

"NOOOOOOOOO!" said Jolene and Billy Bob.

Nancy threw the food all over Jolene and Billy Bob and said

"Eat my food!"

"Noooo!" they said

Jolene and Billy Bob soon died and Nancy threw the rest of the food all over the floor and rolled around in it and she was a food monstress "Rawwaer!" She said.

She then died because her bones are so frail and the food collapsed on her.

Hte end.

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