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The "PART 3" in the title is intended to be part of the joke. No other PATRIXXXY stories were written

Odysseus' men were armed and prepared, while EVIL PATRIXXX's army wasn't. "I'M GIVING YOU ONE LAST CHANCE TO SURRENDER, FOUL BEAST!" Odysseus screams. "Just start the war" EVIL PATRIXXX said. Odysseus' men screamed as they lunged at EVIL PATRIXXX's army. And then, EVIL PATRIXXX killed them all using GOAR FEST. The world shakes. "THE WORLD IS SHAKING! IS IT THAT DUMBASS MOON?" BEN says. "No. It's Satan" The Balloonatic says. Satan arrises as he's about 6 SUPAH SIEZED FEET TALL!!! "EVIL PATRIXXX!!!" he screamed, "YOU HAVE ABUSED YOUR POWERS!!! YOUR DEADLY POWERS SHALL NOW BE SENTENCED TO HELL!!!" "How 'bout no?" EVIL PATRIXXX said. "THEN YOU AND I SHALL FIGHT TO THE DEATH WITH YOUR ASSEMBLY OF MERE MORTALS!!" he declaires. Everybody looks shocked and stunned. "I'm out" Jeff the Killer says. "Me too" The Balloonatic said. "I shouldn't be doing this" BEN said. "Woof, woof*!" Smile Dog says. "I may have killed VinmanPasta (which I enjoyed), but fighting Satan is too far" WormJeff says. EVIL PATRIXXX was then feeling alone. "Hey. You still have us" LOLSKELETONS said. "We'll help you. It has been quite a while" Furbearingbrick agrees. "Alright. LET'S DO THIS!" EVIL PATRIXXX said with excitement. The trio unleashed the perfect move: THE SPAM! So, they used Orangeknightguy's power to spam and cause Satan to have butthurt. "HDHFHAMAJQHGAHXHDNENVDVDUFUCKIGSTOOPIDNOOBJFIEJWHQHAMBDIFUCKEDYOURMOMINTHEVAGINASOHARDANDILLDOITAGAIN" they screamed. Satan's skeleton popped out and he finally died. EVIL PATRIXXX, LOLSKELETONS, and Furbearingbrick were exhausted from battle. "Well, we did it. Let's go home" EVIL PATRIXXX concluded. The trio got famous, but now, LOLSKELETONS made it to a game called Façade as the POV, Furbearingbrick became a movie star, starred in Spider-Man 4, and EVIL PATRIXXX plans to WURLD EAT soon.

The end.

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