TehStickehPaddul: Creepy Gaming Lost Episode

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One day I was on TheStickyPaddle's Youtube Channel when all of a sudden a video popped up in the Creepy Gaming Playlist and was titled "MULLET MIKE IZ GOING 2 MURDER U MUDDAFUCKA". Out of curiousity i clicked on the video but it was just a picture of Mullet Mike bleeding HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD from his entire face while a very loud scream was playing, shattering my eardrums. I decided to go play some Team Fortress 2 when all of a sudden the Heavy's skin was replaced with Mullet Mike bleeding from the face and started screaming. The game crashed after 2 minutes of this BIG STEAMY PILE OF BULLSHIT. I then decided to go to sleep I had a nightmare where Mullet Mike was Hyper realistically murdering me and my family and friends I then Hyper Reallistically woke up after a Hyper Realistic hour from my Hyper Realistic bed.

I just stood there for about an hour, frozen with a thousand meter stare. It was then i decided to go back on youtube and check my messages and i had a message from xMulletMiKEx that said "U SHUDNT HAV DUN DAT", Mullet Mike then came out of the screen and gave me the most demented Rape Face of all time. Mike then proceeded to kill me but then Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers Busted through my door and bitch slapped Mike in the nuts and then Mike exploded but i heard a voice say to me "ILL BE BAK BIATCH" I now have nightmares to this very day.

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