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The story in 1969, a school girl was standing on a bridge right above some train tracks. It was raining, so she couldn't see anything. Then, a gate went loose! She was holding it so fell down with it. Trying to get up, a train came and with that, the train ran over her. All it did was completely ripping her waist off which she soon died from blood loss. Now today, they say her ghost still lingers around train bridges or at High Schools (Because she was a High School student). But this isn't that normal ghost that wants to get the light. This ghost is deadly. They say she carries around an axe or a scythe and she goes around finding people.

What she does is that she cuts people from their waist so they can look like her. She is known to get everyone she sees and chases after because she has fast speed (fast as a Leporad) so you won't be able to escape her. Even if you do, you would die in three days from natural causes, or she will find you again. When encountering her, you would hear a Teke Teke sound. She makes that sound because she runs on her elbows (that's how she got her name). People have been afraid of her because of her fast speed that people said she has. So the next time you go to Japan, DON'T TRUST ANY WOMEN IF YOU CAN'T SEE THEIR LEGS!!! It is also similar to Kashima Reiko.

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