Tender Nipples

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"Once there was a man who had tender nipples."

"His nipples were so tender that when you look at the definition of tender, his nipples would be on the whole page."

"People who knew about his tender nipples would walk up to him and say "mmmm tender nipples, me likey" then they would just stop and carry on their day."

"Then one day, with his ass lasers, Johnson came to touch his his tender nipples"

"Johnson farted, it meant that his ass lasers were pleased"

"Dick salts came with his wife, Vagina Salt, and they spreaded dick and vagina salt all over his tender nipples."

"Then everyone wanted to get into the action"

"Everyone was pleased with the result."

"Mmmm tender nipples"

"T-Rex's came out from their graves to see and feel the tender nipples. As a result, they were pissed off because they have very tiny hands and they could not feel the nipples."

"So they started destroying shit."

"Johnson and Dick Salts tried to save the world, but because of those nice and tendery tender nipples, they were so exhausted and they just felt lazy to do shit."

"Tender Nipples wasn't tired at all"

"So he used his magic nipple powers and went inside the T-Rex's and their needs."

"Soon the T-rex's went back to their graves, while groaning "Mmmm Tender Nipples".

"Everyone had their action and they went to bed. As they went to bed they were groaning "Mmmm Tender Nipples"

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA

Created on the Creepypasta Wiki chat

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