That time Nikocado Avocado broke into my house at 3am

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I'm pretty sure everyone on the internet knows about Nikocado Avocado. For those who don't, he is a MASSIVE glutton who consumes ludicrous amounts of food (usually Takis), screams and cries a lot, and has been known to have a toxic relationship with his boyfriend Orlin. He also broke into my house at 3am one time, which is where this terrifying true tale begins.

It was a usual Friday night. I was playing Gears of War and chatting with my friend Mason while eating some apple sauce. There then was an alert on my phone that a dangerous criminal was in my area. He had broke into over 69 houses and had viciously guzzled down on all the food. He was obese, wore a read shirt, and had black hair. I knew immediately it was Nikocado Avocado! I quickly rushed into my room and boarded up the window so that he wouldn't break in. I also barricade my door in case he'd try to come in. I figured I'd just sleep through the whole thing.

Then, at 3am, I awakened to a loud sound. I went out of my room with a flashlight and I saw the familiar red powder from Takis scattered all over the place, and then I saw him. He was going full on raccoon mode on the Takis, chewing with his mouth open and sticking his head into the bag. He then saw me, and began emitting his signature sound of SHHHHHHHHHHH! I was petrified so I threw my flashlight at him, were he then began to let out his annoying cry of EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! He then got mad and stood up, and charged towards me, which was both impressive and scary, considering he could still move like that even if he was so fat. I then retreated into my backyard and hid in the bushes.

For a good 2 minutes, I thought I was safe, then Nikocado grabbed his scooter and literally drove through the glass door causing glasses to explode everywhere! He then said, "If it wasn't water weight, could I have done that!?". He was driving towards me like crazy until I managed to jump over the brick fence and run into the streets. I fell asleep on the sidewalk, knowing that I was safe.

And that concludes this terrifying true story of when Nikocado Avocado broke into my house.

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