The Adventures of Turg

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I am Turg, a ranger in the kingdom of Loria. I was in the Lorian woods hunting deer when I heard a loud noise. Goblins started streaming through the underbrush! I only had a small knife to fight them off.

The first goblin to approach was a small green creature with a curved sword.

I had a knife but no weapon to defend myself with.

"Can I have your sword?" I said.

I then put out my hand to take the goblin's sword.

The goblin looked at me with a confused expression.

"Please give me the sword." I said.

I then offered a kiss on the cheek for his sword.

The goblin then gave me his rusty sword.

I then confiscated the goblins' weapons.

The goblins were then running away.

"Yeah, you better run!" I shouted.

I then drew the knife and started stabbing at the goblins. I killed 27 goblins.

The remaining goblins ran away.

I drew my knife and stabbed a goblin. The blade went into the goblin's chest. I killed one more.

The goblins surrounded me and started to beat me with their clubs. They killed me.


Written by MrAnonymous
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