The Beauties of Collaboration

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I won't mind if this page gets deleted. After all, this is an experiment I'm conducting. As suggested from the title, this will be a collaboration. However, this time higher standards will be required. An edit to this page may be anything from grammar fixes to the addition of a few paragraphs. I'm allowing the freedom of what you edit since I see true potential in the Trollpasta Wiki community. By the way, you don't need to use Mathamaniac. It won't be canon to that fanfiction I'm writing anyway.

- Zaenon (talk) 23:35, August 4, 2018 (UTC)
Note: Category:MARY SUE ALERT is on this page since Mathamaniac was intended to be a Mary Sue.

Mathamaniac was sitting at the edge of a cliff. Before her were the man beauties of Ponyville—from Twilight Sparkle's castle to the statue of baby Spike. Above it all was the Sun, shedding its light on Ponyville. It was indeed a spectacular view. Yet, Mathamaniac was not satisfied. The alicorn filly wanted a little more mathematics in Ponyville. That thought didn't last, as she stood up and started flying down to Ponyville.

As Mathamaniac landed on the cold, purple pathway, nearly everypony took notice of the blue alicorn. Nearly instantly, she looked rather confused, since she never gets much attention—let alone wanted such attention in the first place.

"Glad to see you Mathamaniac!" Somepony called out to her. Mathamaniac wasn't even sure if it was a pony, but that didn't matter anyway. The crowd of ponies surrounding her was far more than enough. A few ponies started stroking her grey mane and tail with their hooves, but she simply ignored them.

But suddenly the universe exploded and doesn't exist anymore. So we'll focus on a universe that hasn't blown up yet.

The explosion of that other universe didn't go unnoticed, since it was being observed by a being in another universe. This thing took the form of a human wearing a hoodie. Despite that, it was not really a human, per se. Rather, it was an atypical subspecies of human commonly known as a cat human. Humans and cat humans have many differences, with the most obvious being that cat humans have cat ears and a cat tail—both of which are functional. Back to this observer, if one looks closely enough, they will notice a brown tail poking out close to where a normal human's coccyx would be, albeit it will be barely visible. The hoodie this figure wore was jet black, so they won't be recognised easily.

The room this thing resided in was laughable—the walls, floor, and ceiling were made of iron. At one end of the room was a wide open door that will never close regardless of what is done to it. The figure sat at the other end, holding a smartphone-sized supercomputer in its hands. If anything, there was a popup on the screen reading as follows:

WARNING: Universe MLP-8427492 "The Beauties of Collaboration-0" has ceased to exist from explosion type E93I "Trollpasta End-of-universe Explosion". Attempt at automatic restoration failed. Please report immediately.

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