The Big Badge App: Secret Ending

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Have you all knew about Hey Duggee? Well, it is a British animated educational preschool television series aimed at 2 to 5 year olds. Created by Mr. Orchard (the guy who used to design the TAWoG characters during Season 1) it is produced by Studio AKA (the guys who animated the time travel sequence in a TAWoG episode named The Cringe) in association with BBC Studios. There is eight apps and games in which were just... read its Wikipedia article.

There was a app/game named The Big Badge App, for the ones who didn't know about this game (like me), search it in the App Store/Google Play app stores.

In the date of November 2019, I was on my Lenovo Tab 4 10" tablet playing the game. As I was about to exit, a message appeared on screen saying that there is a new update. That was odd because they don't show that much updates for Hey Duggee games on mobile.

As the downloading bar and text reached 85%, a AVG warning showed up claiming that the app had a virus named "AVG.DuggeeHug," I touched on it and it brought me to AVG, I began to do a Quick Scan and a Full Scan over the app, but it was no avail, I tried quarantining the file, but it didn't work as well.

After the update finished (It took 5-6 minutes to update), I pressed on the Open button and it took me to the app, I waited while it loaded, as it finished, the menu appeared, with text under the Hey Duggee logo saying "NEW ENDING!" in hot pink I was curious what it is, I decided to play said game.

When I finished the game, it faded to black and later a view of the clubhouse, it then panned inside of the clubhouse, revealing a deserted version of the inside, it looked dusty, bloody and anything like that, as it panned to a open door, it zoomed into it, revealing Tag, who's about to cry. Tag said then said "I can't do it. Can't. I just cannot do it..." after Tag said that, it faded to black and later it faded to a hospital.

Then it cut to a room with Tag and the Squrriels in it, Tag was on the bed, sobbing, he then said "I'm done." then, Happy said "What happened?" Tag then responded to Happy "I cannot live like this. Please unplug my life support." Duggee did as told. As the beeper went flat, Tag closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue.

I had enough of this. I decided to quit the app, but my wallpaper was just a image of Duggee, hugging what appears to be Satan, perfectly drawn like Grant Orchard's animations you find in the internet, next to him there was Telugu text that said "ఇది మీ ముగింపు, మదర్‌ఫకర్. మీకు రహస్య ముగింపు వచ్చింది, మీ పరికరానికి వీడ్కోలు చెప్పండి." as I kept doing solutions to remove the virus using various anti-viruses, the virus doesn't get removed, as I said, this virus freaked up my tablet, I decided to reboot the device, but there was a custom shutdown sequence, with the Hey Duggee logo, but the colors were tints of red, and the text was also dripping down as it was liquid, and a slow and creepy version of "Isn't It Time for Duggee?" was playing in the background, as the song ended, it then cut to black, as it booted up, it was just a pitch black screen with white text in the Consolas font saying "Duggee Hug!" and then, it turned off.

I was upset over it, with my tablet, now damaged and ruined, I was laying on my bed, crying over what happened. I decided to watch Nick Jr. to get it off my mind.

Up to this day, the Hey Duggee logo, the wallpaper and the text scares me to this day, I ever wish to uninstall the app rather than updating it.

Credited to 24HouredThyme

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