The Bikini Bottom Bootleg

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This is a lost bootleg I had found at a garage sale a few weeks ago, I thought it was funny, but most people would find it disturbing.

SpongeBob went to Patricks House and said

"Hey, do you want to go jellyfishing at jellyfish fields?

Patrick then said "Sure" and grabbed his net

And then Spongebob took the net out of Patricks hand, stuck it up his ass, and raped him.

Then he butchered his body violently, and put his bodyparts in a trash bag.

Then, he went to Sandys house to ask her for advice.

Then Sandy said "What have you done Spongebob! What have you done!"

And so, Sandy got mad at Spongebob, so Spongebob took a knife and stabbed Sandy in the chest. He went up to her and continued to stab her until she died.

Next, Spongebob went to Mr. Krabs house and said "Mr. Krabs, I have done something terrible!"

And then, Mr. Krabs said "What have you done boy?"

Then, Spongebob said " I just murdered Patrick and Sandy"

Then, he knew Mr. Krabs would tell people so he raped Mr. Krabs, he rubbed his red crab dick all up and down Mr. Krabs and then killed him.

Next, he put his body outside of his house, so Pearl would see it when she came home from school.

When pearl came back from school she cried "Why! WHY! Who would do this?"

Then, Spongebob came out with blood all over him with tears running down his face, bloody tears, then he pulled out Mr. Krabs dick, and stabbed it in pearls eyes, he contiued to satb Pearl with Mr. Krabs dick.

Spongebob felt so bad about this, so he killed himself.

It then zooms into Spongebobs bloody face for ten seconds.

the next scene the screen goes black for ten seconds again.

Next it shows a quick glimpse of Gary taking a bite of Spongebob.

Then the screen goes static fot about ten minutes.

Then for ten minutes it shows Spongebob screaming violently.

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