The Black Coffin

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Another vintage trollpasta, this one is believed to pre-date the Internet.

It was late one night when a couple were driving through a dark street, when the husband asked his wife, "When I die, promise me that you will bury me in a white coffin". The wife promised that she would and she thought that it was a rather abnormal question to ask. A couple years later, the couple became really poor because of their mortgages and soon the husband died. Knowing that the husband wanted her to bury him in a white coffin refused for fear that she would become a beggar. She decided to bury him in a black coffin because it wasn't as expensive.

One night the wife heard an eerie voice through the howling wind outside as she was watching TV, "Bllaaacck coofffiinn inn youurr strreeettt". She froze, a strange voice that she had heard before but did not recognize. She shook off the thought and just thought that it was just the wind. Then 1 minute later, she heard it again, "Bllaaaccckk cooofffiinnn att youuurr maiillbooxx". She suddenly became frightened but shook it off but tensed as soon as she heard the eerie voice again, "Bllaccckk cooofffiinn att youurr doorr". As soon as she heard that, she heard a knock on her door. She screeched and ran into her bedroom. She heard the door creak open to her house as she heard the voice again,"Bllaaccckk coofffiinn attt youurr beeddrooomm doorr," the voice said softly. She screamed at that moment and dived into the closet. "Bllaaccckk coofffiinn innssiidee youurrr beedroom and I'm gonnaaaa geettt youuu"

The bedroom door opened as she felt the closet doors open as she was grabbed into a black coffin..

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