The Black Diamond

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I was playing Minecraft. I spawned in a new world I had just created. It was a nice place with overhangs, lots of sugarcane, and loads of trees. It was easy to make a house. I surrounded it with sugarcane to add a bit of privacy, and added paintings to add a little more class. It was a nice place all in all. One thing disturbed me, though.

The entire world, for all its size and scenery, was utterly mobless. I found no pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, so I couldn't even make myself a bed to get through the nights quicker. It was so dull that I wished I could hear the familiar "ssssssss" of the creeper.

One night, I was keeping watch on the balcony of my house, armed with an iron sword, when I saw something moving in the trees nearby. It appeared to be a player, judging by the shape of the creature. But that was impossible. I was on a single player server. And it had no name plate above it. I took out my bow and shot a few arrows at it. Almost immediately it was in front of me, its eyes glowing red. I took out my iron sword and struck it. It made the default player's damage sound, then simply disappeared. No puff of smoke or anything like that. It was as if it had disconnected itself for getting struck by me.

However, it did drop something. I walked over and picked it up. It was a diamond, but instead of the bright blue coloring, it was pitch black. This didn't bother me, a diamond was a diamond. I went up to the crafting table, planning to make myself a jukebox, or diamond shovel. I never got the chance. The game crashed, and I had to reboot my entire computer. After I was finished though, the Minecraft program was still there. I entered to see if my world was there. It wasn't. Instead, was, where my old world was, a new one. You know what it was called?


Credited to Nico589 

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