The Chapters of Minecraft

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THIS IS MY FIRST PASTA THIS IS JUST A STORY Chapter 1 Shore, In Minecraft i washed up shore. I got up and explored. I decided i needed to get wood and set off, after i got enough wood, i built a shelter.

Chapter 2 The Shelter, i made some stuff and made a mine,i hit a cave and mined some coal and iron and went back up to make a furnace and smelted some iron.

Chapter 3 The Totem, i got out of my house and went exploring. I found some werid things though,like 1x2 holes in sides on mountains, 3x3 holes in the ground and redstone torches, then i found a totem and a chest and the chest had a flint and steel and the totem with 2 gold blocks on the bottom and 2 pieces and some kind of reddish ston and 1 piece of that stone had a fae on it with no pupils, i lit the top of the totem and it turned midnight and the totems eyes turned red and heard a voice saying you should not have done that, Chapter 4 Herobrine,


Credited to Powerpal52

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