The Crofty Curse

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Sit down while I tell you about the dreaded Crofty curse. This is going to be a scary one indeed.

Origins of The Curse

It all started when Crofty was at school one day, living a normal life. He was eating Walker's crisps when he noticed something odd. The last crisp wasn't cheese and onion flavour at all, no! It was a super-duper-swaggilicious-yoloish-trolol-hyper-realistic flavoured Walker's crisp. He looked at it in shock and felt like he was going to throw up. The crisp was too realistic for the packet to handle. Despite all of this, he ate it anyway. His skin started to crawl. It started to burn. His toes started to swell up. All this happened while he turned into his ghost-like, hyper-realistic form. ( It was still worth it though, as it tasted like gummy bears.)

Effects of The Curse

From that day on, whenever you annoy him or steal his lunchbox, you will feel Crofty's wrath, while he slowly wastes you away with his curse.

The effects are;

  1. Firstly, you will start to feel a bit sick. (Just like you have a bit of the flu.)
  2. On the second day of having the curse, you slowly start to develop diarrhea.
  3. On the third day, your organs will start to fall out of your anal passages. They will look hyper-realistic when they come out.
  4. Once your organs are out, you will still be alive, but in pain. It is at this stage were you will start to have diarrhea out of your mouth.
  5. After the diarrhea, hyper-realistic blood start to spew out of your mouth with the diarrhea.
  6. Now that your body is completely empty, the Crofty Alien will come and eat your soul. (Along with his Walker's crisps.)
  7. After that, you will be dead, but you will still be able to see Crofty's face for all eternity. (The picture under the alien, just if you didn't know!) TROLOLOL! CROFTY!

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