The Dark Secret Behind Every Work of Fiction Ever Made.

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I'm sure you're aware of some a work of fiction, right? Well it's not really what you think it is. If you thought it took place in a fantasy setting, that fantasy setting is actually a nuclear post apocalypse and all the magical creatures are actually mutants.

None of that is important, because the main character is actually in purgatory with all the other characters representing the main character's sins, but purgatory is just a dream the main character is experiencing as they are having a coma in a mental asylum.

What you probably still didn't know is that the mental asylum was just a virtual simulation created by robots who keep the main character on life support to farm their brain waves while some men in business suits go into the dream to steal ideas.

But that was all just something a child was imagining while looking into a snow globe.

By the way, all the fictional characters ever written and all the authors who made them up were molested by their parents/guardians when they were children.

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