The Dawn of the Pencil

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It was a stormy mays eve. Lightning flickered about, causing my dog to freak out. I tried to console him, but to no avail. I then went to find the Lightning Vest, a product I had purchased, but never used. I guess this would be the best time to use it. But when I got back, my dog had been stabbed with a pencil. A very, very sharp pencil. It was a gruesome sight, seeing all of the HYPERREALISTIC BLOOD. Then Funnymouth busted my door down and broke my tailbone and left. I then went to the doctors to see how bad it was. He asked how it happened, and in reply, I said "A jawless man broke down my door, kicked me, then left." He then proceeded to laugh. At one point, he told me I needed an operation, so I got one. Though, when I woke up, the doctor had three pencils in him. One in his jugular, the other two in his eyes. So much HYPEREALISTIC BLOOD. I later when to trollpasta to read some stuff of Funnymouth and pencils, seeing how Trollpasta knows all. I later found out that  beast known as the Kool-Aid man was hunting me down, unti I fell to insantiy. It was odd, however, that I never did. It started becoming a natural occurance. I turn my head, someone gets stabbed with a pencil. I am still currently being hunted down by this creature, so I can only hope he stops soon.

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