The Day

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The girl had her first sleep-over with her friends. She was scared, but her mother didn't need her crying so she had to go earlier. Her friends ate popcorn, watched a movie and played some games. The girl was enjoying her stay. There was a storm after they got to bed. They heard a noise and got scared, but the other girl was'nt and she went to the bathroom.

They heard it again and a bloody scream was heard as well. They went to the bathroom to investagate and thay saw the girl all bloody in the tub so they woke up there parrents and told them what happend. The parrents called the police and they came.

They found out that in the girls dead body was a explosive and evacuated everyone out of the street. It was too late. The girls dead body blew up and there were car parts everywhere and over 10 people died and 36 people were injured. They will never froget that horrid night.

Now the girl haunts everyone who was injured. As for the killer... he was found dead with a time bomb and gun powder everywhere.

Over 20 people were killed and over 50 people were injured. The girls went to a insane asylum and were found the same as the blown-up killer and girl so then the other people escaped the insane asylum and worshiped the girls and did the same. In the end there were over 100 people dead and over 250 people injured.

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