The Day Ben Came

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I am not the original author and this is not a continuation either this is just a simple short story about BEN

It was the day the game was coming out! Majora's Mask was going to be the best game ever. I had been waiting weeks for it to come out and it finally had! My friend Eric and I were running down to the game store a strange old looking man looked at us we past him but then he seid the strangest thing.

"You kids want a used Majora's Mask?" Me and Eric both stoped and turned to face him the old man has a creepy eye that sent chills down my spine. But how could the old man have a used Majora's Mask? It just came out today! Eric walked up to the strange man and he was handed the game; the front sticker was gone but it said Majora on it.

Shortly after we got home Eric plugged the game in and set me down in his lap for a front row seat. "Eric what are you doing" I laughed as I sead so. "Just give you the best seat now!" "Shhh the game is starting." I sat back down in his lap not complaining and waching the game start but... As the old mad said it was a used and there were two saved files LINK and BEN. "Hmm were do you think we should go lil'?" he sead looking down at me. "Hmm, try Ben he looks far and if me finish this game is 'one day' people will be shocked." He laughed and startes up BEN...

That was when hell broke through... It started out normal but there were some wierd things in this game that you wouldn't think would happen Eric told me not to worry. He said that they went for a more scarier game this time. I nodded and watched everything but this game just dident seem right. After four hours, it was night. "Eric lets go to bed" i nuzzeld him softly with the back of my head doing that of kissing him on the neck would get me any thing.

"Sure thing, babe" he smiled and picked me up and we both lay down on the couch Eric refusing to let me go as I slowly fell in to my nightmare. It was one of the songs in the game playing backwards that started it all. I was running in this plain area but there was a huge tree from the other game I ran up to it and thats when I saw it... It called it self BEN and it told me who he was and what would happen in the fucher. I ran as fast as I could but no matter how fast I ran, BEN would be on my tail her screaming like skull kid...

I woke up in such a fright I ran to that game and I smashed it on the ground and then i burned it out side the game haveing that same damned scream that skull kid had... I left Eric a note that I was leaving I couldn't stand it any more. This house had BEN all over it. Everywhere I looked there he was with those cold dead eyes... I never came back to that house. I never saw Eric again i felt so bad for him...but then I heard on the local news that a boy had gone missing. The only thing in the house was a N64 and a majora's mask game...and one other thing...a small silver celtic ring that he gave to me so long ago...

Credited to Lilith star
Originally uploaded on July 11, 2012

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