The Death

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One day, Jeff was so bored, he decided to play Slender. Then, Slenderman was behind him! So he decided to take turns with Jeff to master the game. But, Lavender Town was playing in the background, and instead of Slendy, it was Zalgo who was in the game. Happy Appy drove a car around Jeff's Internet. (who is raging about it) The car crashed into SCP Foundation, causing an explosion. Squidwards cried to this and killed himself with Suicidemouse.avi. Smile Dog became a music artist and died after breaking up with Taylor Swift and realized she made a break up song about him called "Frown Dog" Eyeless Jack danced with Laughing Jack, while they were in the chambers of the Russian Sleep Experiment. Jane went to Jeff's house to kill him, but Ben DROWNED hacked her Facebook, thus trolling her until she raged to her death. Masky and Hoody did the Harlem Shake with Slenderman, only to get nuked by Endedman, who got nuked by Splendorman, who died and then Evil Patrixx came out and killed everyone 666 times! Then 9001 skeletons popped out but Evil Patrixx killed them all! Jeff died of happiness.


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