The Disc (minecraft creepypasta)

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Warning: everything here is the Trueist thing YOU WILL EVER SEE,  So if any people say this isnt, then you will regret it.

The Disc (Pasta)

It was a normal day, when I found out that my Minecraft account is hacked (Haxed), So i even looked up used Minecraft accounts.

There was an ebay page clicking it, it was a disc saying

includes a minecraft account

it was 1.99 Euro, so i bought it with my credit card waited it to come when it came i popped it into my mac.

it was a windows minecraft so it didnt work so i got my windows computer popped it in there was a folder i opened it.

there was a minecraft applicaiton it was named "tfraceinm" weird maybe the guy, who typed spelt it wrong by accident or he was just stupid i played it the account was called SatanSlave i looked it up in google translator to find out it was Japanese For, "MajinSlave" (Devil Slave) i was weirded so i continued when it came on it said MOJANG then the logo went black and a ender man ran across the screen chaseing a minecraft player (steve) it caught it there was a huge splurt of blood for a second untill it came onto the menu the minecraft sign MINECRAFT was in blood coulour

i was weirded to find it was real blood so there was one world it was called DO NOT PLAY  i was thinking two things my angel was like NO DO NOT PLAY IT when the devil was like go on play it!!! i played it which i should have listened to my angel cause i spawned in a house i went out a door it was a land full of nether rack i walked around

i saw an enderman suddenly my game turned to hard core the ender man was chaseing me i ran as fast as i can

it teleported to me killled me and my minecraft shut off

The End

this will be something i will never forget i went to ebay to find out  who sold it to me i found out the guy who sold it

killed himself  the day he put the thing on ebay

i hope you dont  find it and buy it

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