The Evil Sock Puppet

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Tom always loved sock puppets. He had to waste his socks to make them though. There was a day Tom always regreted, he found a sock puppet in a trashcan. It was red and blue, he wanted to visit some friends to show them the sock puppet so he went to his friend carl. Suddenly carl started to shiver and his head grew big until it exploded! After that the sock puppet started talking saying :hahaha thank you for freeing me shitbag hahahaha: Tom was still 9 so he didnt like curse words. Afterwards he went to frank, he was fishing tom said hi but suddenly a whale popped out of the water and ate frank and the sock puppet started cursing some more. Tom ran into the military. The military told tom to take off the sock puppet but the sock puppet stil hung on tom said : i cant: the military leader called in the big bomb. Everyone was killed in the bomb attack even tom but the sock puppet lives another day this is my first pasta please dont be so hard on it!

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