The Final Battle

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we fought throught the Proxie army we slicig and blassted and punched them all dead i was charging at the mysteriuos gu y who we dont know and about to kill him and find out wh o it was when Slenderthulu bursted out from underground the Slender Housse and roared "PREPARE FOR THE ANNILATION OF YOU ALL BY ME!" he was way to poewerfull and impossible for us to face and not die from him we were going to do a final standing battlecharge for certain death and glory when megamegacosmicrake flew into Slenderthulu with a megablasting powerslam he screamed "ITS TIME FOR IT NOW MY ULTIMATE VEANGEANCE AND KILL OF YOU AND ALL OF THE WHOIOLE TIME RIVER TO BUT YOU FIRST!!!!! HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!!" Slenderthulu was sent flying back but counterattacked on him wit ha ultimate tenatacle slame of death it would have crusheed megamegacosmicrake if he wernt so megapowerfull but he was still so wounded by it Slenderthulu wrapped him withe a tentacle and went to crush him with anothe r one from him but megamegacosmicrake shooted the ones grabbing him off and slahed the other one into pieces with a owerslash this made Slenderthulu so angery he said "PREPARE FOR ULTIMATE DEATH AND POWERBATTLING OF YOU BY ME!" He launched a deathtentacle onslat at megamegacosmicrake so many deadly doomer tentacles were flyting througth he air at him t o kill him megamegacosmicrake slashed one tentacle open and destroyed it but there were to many they smashed and bashed him until was waybloody then threw him far back away before megamegacosmicrake had tim e to recover from the fearfull power of Slenderthulus attack the Slenderthulu ressumed the terrible assalt on him with raeging tentacle attacking coming for him the so many tentacles of him were closing in on megamegacosmicrake who was already so wounded but megamegacosmicrake unlaeshed the rage and megacosmic power within he said "THIS FIGHT ENDS NOW SO DOES YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!" he powered up with all the so much of power in him and did a megafearious megacosmic laserblasting ray of ultimate doom and destruction it blasted through Slenderthulus chest and made him so weak from the wounding of it on him then megamegacosmicrake leaped on him and ripped all the Cthulhu out of Slenderthulu then he grabbed Cthulhu and flew so far into space with him and threw him into the black hole the only thing that could contain his power then megamegacosmicrake flew back to earth was wounded but was still so more powerfull than us all and had Zander on his side now but we went to fight him anyways The Doctor used a banhammer or called a giant hamemr for banning people from life but Zander stole it way so long ago now in the present and right here and now times The Doctor pulled a automatic pistol that means its a pistol that fires so fast and opowerfull as a machinegun but its a pistol he pulled it and blasted Zander to death with it The Doctor took the banhammer from his dead and shot up corpse and charged at megamegacosmicrake he yelled "preapare to be permabanned from being alive!"he smashed and bashed megamegacosmicrake with it it wounded megamegacosmicrake so bad but he blated The Doctor with a megalazer it went through his head and killed him SlenderSage yelled "no! you killed him well then prepare for my vengeance on you!" SlenderSage casted a magicpower blasting spell of light beams that were magicpowerfull at megamegacosmicrake but megamegacosmic was reraged from the battle now he blasted SlenderSage and wopunded him way badly then SlenderSages guys of the PTC Survivors and Sigma and Super to they went and fighted with megamegacosmicrake but he beat them all up until theuy couldnt fight from it more further read the whole and complete story here Damien went to fight megamegacosmicrake but hi s residal power energy of magic and spells was all gone megamegacosmiucrake ripped him in half meanwhile Ragnawarrior wh o was gotten stuck in a timewarp by megamegacosmicrake during the battle before read it here now he slashed out of the timewarp and dropped down to the ground wielding a huge and dangerous Viking staybing and slaeshing bladersword he said "okay megamegacosmicrake, its ragnatime!" he launched a attack of dangerslashing blade assault on megamegacosmicrake it slashed megamegacosmicrake so bad but he was to powerful for be killed by it he powerslammed Ragnawarrior in the head it knocked him ouut it looke d like doom was on us by megamegacosmicrake but then a portal of blue light appeared and a time machine came out and Sherlock Homes and Doctor Watson and HABIT who was possesing for SlenderSworder came out from being in the Middle Age here where Sherlock Homes and Doctor Watson recruited HABIT whos the allie its was talking of now they travelled here to fight. HABIT had a huge sword of power and mighty fighting he said "LETS DO IT THE KILLING TIME!" he did a hjumping slice on megamegacosmicrake it slashed megamegacosmicrakes head in half in a powerfull blow and killed him i said "good to have you on our side for the fighting HABIT" but hesaid "NO I DONT THINK SO PREPARE TO HAVE MY BLADE INHABIT YOUR SKULL AND KILL YOU" he charged at me to kill me but it turned out was earlier in the battle for the Slendernomicon SlenderSlayer had faked a death for his own life was really alive noww he returned he said "IM BACK LETS FIGHT THE ULTIMATE BATTLE" he jumped at HABIT and stabbed himn through the chest and stomach with the slenderslaying sword killing him SlenderSlayer was victerous but then Sherlock Homes or so we thought it was pulled out a pistol and said "too bad you didnt know me and Watson here are really evil clones and not the realguys now your going to die by my gun" he shot SlenderSlayer in the back and was going to shoot him in the head and kill him but ALEXSHELPER and the reallytrue Sherlock Homes used a teleportal to travel to the nowtimes from Rome thats were they were Sherlock Homes the real one used a magnifying gun to shoot and kill Sherlock Homes the clone before he could even pull the trigger on his own gunn for killing SlenderSlayer with it Sherlock Homes the real one turned to Doctor Watsonclone but Doctor Watsonclone was already behind him he slammed Sherlock Homes with a pipe and knocked him asleep he went to kill ALEXSHELPER and was so power he wouldve had easily done it and killed him but ALEXSHELPER blinded him with a mirror so he couldnt see with them or called his eyes then ALEXSHELPER charged him throught with a sword and kileld him now SlenderSlayer said "good to be now thats over was a tough battling for us" but President Slender who was recovered now from getting all the Cthulhu getting ripped out of him by megamegacosmicrake now President Slender said "not if i say anything about it i say its not over" he charged and attacked but me and ALEXSHELPER and Showtime and The Beast charged and attacked him Spectre did coverfiring blasting from a roof but President Slender was so raged by getting his badevil plans of Slenderthulu stuff ruined by megamegacosmicrake he raged on us with his tentacles i shot him 17 times with my revolver but he hit it out my hand and slashed me up with his tentacles ALEXSHELPER tried to blind him with hi s mirror but President Slender said "im of having noface so nothing to blind either looks like the jokes on you" he smashed ALEXSHELPER back and hit him in the head to make him nonconcious then President Slender made tentacles shoot out of his back and did a super tentacle stom of fury it knocked out Showtime and The Beast before Spectre could do anything President Slenders atificially intelligent Slenderchopper too khim down with a teargas myssle to him Ragnawarrior charged and attacked President Slender he knocked President Slender back with a mighty powerfull blow but President Slender slammed and bammed him with unleashed the tenacle fury on him and knocked him back and out. President Slender was about to make Ragnawarrior dead but SlenderSlayer said "Hey! Stop right there!" he jumped and was going to stab President Slender wit hthe SlenderSlaying spear but President Slender did a tenacle launch at him and knoceked the spear out of his hand s and him back. President Slender was gonig o kill him but Ragnawarrior woke back up and stabbed President Slender with his sword wounding him back from SlenderSlayer but President Slender grabbed Ragnawarrior wit h a tentacle and threw him it slammed his head off a rock and knocked him back out SlenderSlayer got the SlenderSlaying spear back and charged to attack President Slender but President Slender hit him in the back where the Sherlock Homes clone shot him before it hurt him so bad with pain that he dropped and fell to and on the ground President Slender was about to kill him once and for all and end this SlenderSlaying quest of justice and doom for Slender Man when there was a voice that said "hey its me President Slender stop that now its Masky im not dead yet fight me!!" Masky shopt President Slender with the maskyrifle so many times b;lasted him back Masky said "Patrick teleport these guys away to saftey ill hold them off!"Patrick teloport all of us thats me and SlenderSlayer and ALEXSHELPER and Spectre and Showtime and The Beast and SlenderSage and Survivor Alpha and Survivor Zeta and Survivor Epsilon and Sigma and Super and Ragnawarrior and Sherlock Holmes he teloported all of us and hisown self to a better and safer place the last thing we saw before we teloported was Masky got stabbed thorough the chest by a slendertentacle by President Slender

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