The Fine Day Upon Which I Smoked Two Opiums

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Upon one fine day, my good sir Sean asked me to make a visit to his house. Sean, the 26-year-old male, was known by many to insert opium into his bloodstream via a syringe, and he performed such an act once every day. Me, I would on certain occasions insert opium into mine bloodstream by making use of a syringe. On this fine day we were planning to reach a great height. We had both just made use of a straw insert into our nasal cavities. However, Sean was attempting to place the opium directly onto his forehead. It was strange fecal matter my good sir, strange fecal matter. After performing this act we noticed a fairy which informed us that we should head to a tree. I then suggested it FORNICATE WITH ITSELF. Sean was going to use two opiums at once, and I had been unable to believe he could survive it. He made use of a syringe to insert opium into his bloodstream when suddenly he became happy. Sean had tried to turn me happy. All of a sudden, he had turned happy and passed away. I then got up from my seat and began to run around the seat, saying "I require assistance, for Seanbaby has passed away and I do believe he is happy!" Afterwards, I had passed out. Afterwards, I had awoken in a forest donning a green cap and attire and was greeted by a fairy which had informed me to go to a tree. Nowadays, I spend my time rescuing a princess multiple times in a row, as I go by the surname Linkaren.

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