The First Beat The Boss 3 Trollpasta In The Entire World

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Yesterday, I got Beat The Boss 3 for my iPhone 5c. I bought the Dancing Cactus, which I had painted "hyper-realistic" lime green. I also got the Shovel, which I had painted with the Canada design. I used these to get their respective achievement. BTW, I I was using my custom boss, which I had made to look like my real-life one ("for the lulz"). That night, my dreams were filled with my boss's screams and the music the cacti made. I woke up arrested, for killing Joseph Jones (my boss) — who was now anti-hyper-realistic somehow — with robotic cacti and a Canadian shovel. The police think I'm insane. I may be: I once had APD (antisocial personality disorder). After I publish this, I will be taken to a mental hospital. But first, a joke, because you won't believe this story anyways. What does a farmer zombie say? Ggrrraaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnsss. Well... goodbye, cruel world... (Note: partially based on a true story. ZOMG)

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