The Flower Fan of Doom

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Amy raced out of her bedroom, and turned on her laptop. She was ready to plug in her flower fan.

Now, in case you don't know, a flower fan is a special fan that can be plugged in to your computer.

Eager to try it out, Amy turned on the computer, and waited for the desktop to come up. When she did, she pressed the "ON" button on the fan.

"What the...?" Nothing happened.

"Oh, COME ON! I paid money for this thing! WORK!!!!!!"

As if it could hear her, the fan suddenly turned on. But, it didn't go at a normal speed. It went faster than it should. It was even making a wind all by itself! It sucked in Amy's charm bracelet, which was on the desk next to the fan.

"Oh, HELL NO!" screeched Amy. She reached in to get the bracelet, but realized it was sucking her in! It dragged her into its blades and blood splashed everywhere. Internal organs splattered against the walls of the living room, and Amy let out a distorted scream. From outside, her mother heard Amy's screams.

"Oh, it's so good Amy's being active for once. Just listen to those screams of joy! I hope the neighbors don't mind a little noise," she said as she sipped a cup of tea.

Credited to Pokemonrox111
Originally uploaded on May 27, 2012

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