The Fresh Corpse of Unsane

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Now this is the story all about how
my cunt got flip turned upside down
And I'd like you take a second just sit down in that fiery dicksmothered coffin
And I'll see if I can make it through this fucking poem without coughing c:

In Creepypasta wiki born and raised
in the graveyard and morgue where I spent most of my days
Getting down, digging, banging corpses all fresh
livin' the life till mah cunt turns to mesh ._.

When a couple of admins were up to no good
Started makin' trouble in the neighborhood
I got in one little fuckfest and Cheese Lord got scared
he said "You're bein' banned to a land where you're outta my hair" .-.

I begged and I sucked his dick day after day
but he packed my fuckcase and sent me on my way (._.)
He kicked me in the ass and gave me my ban certificate
I put my (._.) face to rest and said "I might as well kick it"

Morgue class, yo this is mad
Screwing cadavers made out of broken glass
Is this what the fuckers in the Land of the Banned are livin' like?
Oh, this might be alright

Couple o' months later, I'm still in the bag
when suddenly I get some fucking mail that my shitty ban certificate's gone and I'm like "whoa that's rad"
So I go 'head and I change my name to Necrosanity
back to CP wiki to spread my fucked insanity!

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