The Gacha Club Glitch Experience

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So you all know that popular game gacha club right?, well if you do not know what it is, I will tell you, its a mobile game for free, people call it gacha life 2 because its the 2nd version of gacha life, the original one, but gacha life has more downloads then gacha club, despite gacha club being 10 times better then gacha life, there is not alot of stuff different in gacha club, so I am a person who likes gacha club, but I had this incident where there was a glitch in the game, gacha glitches happen with new original characters or choosing a preset character and changing it "a-bit", but for me, I was making a new original character, not using a preset, I will tell my story now

So I was making a new gacha video and decided to make a new original character (O.C), I only had 9 original characters by now, i was able to make one more original character. I then started to make my original character, It was a girl original character I was making, My other original characters, there was 5 boys, and 4 girls, well it was going to be 5 now because of my new original character, My other Original characters names were Ben, Jasmine, Joseph, May, George, Paula, Tanner, Annie, and Samuel, My new Original characters name was going to be called Hannah, I took a screenshot of her so in-case I accidentally changed the slot i can remember how she looked and start making her from scratch again.

After making Hannah and taking the screenshot of her, I decided to start using her for my new video, so i started to make the video start in the studio, the video was going to be a react video, SO i was placing all of the characters in, some of them were sitting, and some of them were standing, but when I put Hannah in the studio, it didn't show Hannah, instead it had the default boy avatar, I thought that before i exited i accidentally pressed presets and put the slot as default boy, i then just ignored it and started making Hannah again, I remembered how she looked because of the screenshot I had took after I finished her, so here I went, began making Hannah from scratch again.

After It seemed like 20 minutes from switching from the photo to gacha club I finally finished making her again, after that I went back to studio and placed her in the scene, i then started to make the video by making the scenes and taking screenshots, I then went back to home to change some of the characters expressions, but after I finished i went back to studio and Hannah had her chat bubble, I did not even put her chat bubble, the chat bubble said "This sucks and so do you for creating me", i just rubbed it off as nothing and it was probably just "a mistake i accidentally did earlier" and began doing the scenes.

After what had seemed like the 100th screenshot I went back to home to change the mouth from Jasmine, after I finished i went back to studio, and there it was, Hannah had a chat bubble on her head again, there was also a narrator chat on the bottom with a smiley face, At this point i almost got mad and wanted to erase Hannah from the video, I then deleted the 100 photos from the game and went back to start the video again, but i had accidentally clicked the app gacha life, I was about to exit but then i saw Hannah in the game menu, i then thought to my self "what the heck, how did she get into gacha life, I did not even make her in gacha life.

I then exited gacha life and went back to gacha club, but when i entered to join i saw Hannah gone from the studio, a-long with jasmine too, i got confused and went to home to see if they were still there, I clicked on the slot for jasmine but what i saw made me gasp, it was jasmine but her eyes looked scared as if something had happened to her, her mouth was open wide like she was screaming for help, I then went to Hannah's slot worried of what i will see, and when i did, i almost fainted, I saw hannah but she looked a-bit different, her hair was almost black, and her eyes were dark red, and i saw she had something in her hand, but for some reason it wasn't showing

I then went to the props setting for making an original character to see what she had in her hand, and what was in her hand left me almost surprised, worried, and shocked, she had a gun in her hand, and i was shocked because i never put that in her hand, I started to think that something had been trying to trick me, i then went to studio to remove hannah from the video, but instead of the scene of all of them sitting around a T.V it was a black background with hannah, but for some reason she now had a knife in her other hand, and her mouth had changed, her mouth now had sharp teeth, the knife she had on her hand had blood on it too, as if she had.. killed something, or some-ONE??, but then i looked behind her

There, behind Hannah was jasmine laying on the floor, and she had blood all over her, and her mouth was missing, her eyes had X's on it, and that was a sign that she had died, i then went to home to check my other original characters, but they all had different expressions, some of them had shocked eyes and screaming mouth, one of the original characters were missing there eyes, mouth, and one of there arms and legs, 2 of them were on the floor with closed eyes and a mask covering there mouths, I started to think this was all because of my new original character, hannah, i then almost threw my device on the floor, but i decided not to, i went back to studio to start this all over, but hannah was still there, and all of my other original characters were there too, but this time, instead of the weird and worrying expressions they had, they were all laying on the floor with a black skin on all of them, they all had no eyes nose mouth or hair, the only one that had them was hannah, and she was standing in the middle with a deadly expression as if she was going to start attacking, a chat bubble then came above her head and when i read it, i almost deleted the app, in the chat bubble said my home address, i started to get worried, and then i deleted her from the studio, i even went far as deleting her slot and making an entire new original character.

Not less then 10 minutes i heard knocking on my door, I just ignored it and kept playing, I exited gacha life and went to my photos, but in my photos there was a new photo that said it was taking 10 minutes ago, and what i saw almost made my jaw drop, there was hannah, The stupid ass bitch original character, but she had black skin, and entire red eyes and clothes, her hair was a but grayish. The entire picture had red liquid stuff on the background, there was even some on her, and on the screen of the photo, and there was bloody red text on the photo saying, your next...

Written by TriIPp
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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