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One day, I was browsin' on ebay and saw a game simply labeled "DON'T PLAY." I was intrigued, so... yeah I got it. 1.00 + 2.00 s&h. It finally arrived. I stuck it in my NES. This is where it gets horrific. The game booted up, appeared to be an innocent Mario game, I don't remember which though. It only said, PLAY and LOAD. As you can imagine, I clicked load. There was only one profile, labeled "DeViL." It started, and my person didn't move an inch. I mashed the buttons. Nothing happened. An enemy came out of the morbid darkness of a background. Instead of doing a normal mario death animation, the enemy hollowed out & ate my person. It said, "YOU LOSE. YOU'LL BE NEXT." I said, "what the..?" I heard a distorted music box and loud lumbering footsteps. Then my NES carved a pentagram into itself, then exploded. I haven't played a game since. DO NOT MARK THIS UNDER HORRIBLE TROLL PASTA, IT'S MY FIRST TRY.

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