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Once, near the Atlantic island Bikini Atoll, there was a small town with a popular restaurant. Famous for its burgers and its talented fry cook. He was a likeable guy, serving up food with a smile. But tragedy struck when he was cutting the patties... that's when it happened. You might be thinking the following questions...

Did he forget the secret sauce?


He didn't wash his hands?


Irregular portions?

No! He cut off his own hand by mistake! He couldn't get a prosthetic, so he used a grisly spatula as a replacement. Everyone thought his skills were ruined, but he did just fine with the new "hand". It was an unhappy day, but everything was back to normal once he got back to work. One day, he was rushing to work, when he was hit by a bus! At his funeral, his boss fired him! Every Tuesday at the restaurant, his ghost comes to haunt the place after dark. There are three signs of his incoming arrival.

One, the lights will flicker on and off.

Two, the phone will ring and nooooobody will be there!

Three, a fog will roll in as the ghost of the bus that ran him over stops across from the restaurant. Much later than the normal bus schedule. He'll open the door...


Then... he... GETS THEM!

What do people call him? They call him the "Ha- HUUUAAAH!" because that's all they have time to say before... he... gets them!

But what is his true name?

The Hash-Slinging Slasher.

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