The Haunted House of O

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Pre-Read Info

This story was made when I was a kid and really got into "haunted mystery horror" type books. I still love those btw, but difference is I'm now better at writing and would never produce such a terrifyingly bad thing. Thought it fitted there because it is a bad story trying to be creepy but being hilarious instead... For context, the characters are cats from different teams that do cliché team wars or whatever. I wrote about these all the time so context might be lacking, but yeah it's pretty much it. Also yes a character is randomly named after a Star Wars character, because I could. My logic at the time I guess, do not question it.

How old was I when I wrote this "terrifying" tale? uh, idk, if I had to take a guess I would say 11, but could be 10. Somewhere around that. Also, the story was originally wrote in French because *first language moment* But I translated it word by word and even kept similar misspellings to the ones found in the French/OG version so you guys can read this story in all it's horrible quality, frighteningly BAD glory.

When you see this ( ''text'') in the story, the text inside is an author note about how desperate I am that kid me once thought this was horror story genius.

The Horrible Story

Rufus stood up in the new cabin of O in the midle of the night. What he saw terrorised him. It was a haunted house! (Yes, there is that much *non-existent* build-up.) The kitty then decided to staid (The OG story was badly conjugated, so I translated it as badly conjugated) see the night if this ghost really existed. When the night fell the place woke up. (Words cannot explain how I hate this sentence and it's cliché, bad, lacking description.)

-Cric Cric

Rufus came doown to see what made this sound at the basement a tomb! (yes the lack of punctuation is atrocious) It opens. Rufus startled and went back up. The light agîtated and flickered. Then a white shape arrived! The ghost! (Well, that's too bad :( How will we ever survive a white shape arriving 😬 ) Going down at the basement (he does it again cause he stoopid), he (the story never says this is actually Rufus but it is) saw the empty tomb and the dead, the ghost, approaching. Rufus to avoid him then arrived at the other room. The other room was worst; like iph the ghost controlled them, statues activated and their spears shot at the cat. (this is so cliché I'm dying) He opened the door and came back up (dude how much are you just gonna go up, then go down, then go back up) followed by the ghost. He still came up the stairs to distant the ghost. The cracking furniture opened and closed, incompréansibly. The cat jumped by the window and told Han Solo (Yes that one cat with a Star wars character name for no reason sadly exists. He is also an ultimate Gary Sue as in the stories lore he apparently ''killed 100 enemy cats as a kitten". What was kid me thinking when making these stories again?) the son and heir of Oreo, a below-leader of O. (this sentence makes it very unclear if Oreo is the "below-leader" Or Han Solo is. I remeber that Han Solo wasn't so propbably not the latter but still. Also I don't care) It's decided Rufus has to solve the mystery.

At the place at the simple memory of ghost Rufus shivered when entering. He saw the ghost. The Zen cat breathed in deeply (Ah yes, the time where Rufus' only character trait was being calm and nothing else) and the ghost left. (Bruh why? Because someone breathed???!??!?) Rufus saw that he left a pawprint on the floor. This paw is ether belonging to a cat, a dog of a wolf. The cat claws, retractable, could have been simply unsheathe. Or worst it could be the ghost of a cat! (why is that worst?) Rufus shivered thinking about it but the power of Zago (Magical world in this lore and blah blah blah) is infinite. And possibilities too...

In a cellar Rufus found, cabinets opened and a cat came out with a old cameera Rufus took a picture of him (This non-punctuation makes the sentence very confusing as a t first you think the ghost has the stupid old camera) the flash revealed it's face.

The next morning he saw that the cat was invisible in the picture.

-So it's a ghost, yelled Rufus (why is he yelling I'm so confused)

Rufus, the next night. (the worst sentence that is very useless and could have very well be merged with the next to be better) Rufus saw a shadow at the window. The ghost! He entered.

-OU! (this is the actual sound the ghost makes, sadly)

-Mia-rrrrrrrrr, Rufus unpurred. (I sadly used the "verb" unpurred a lot in this story to mean the opposite of purring, aka, growling. Very stupid.)

The cat ghost unpurred too.

-A little unpurring, said Han Solo (1. why is he joking at this inappropriate moment???? 2.He was mentioned so little I didn't even know he was still here)

-Your right, answered Rufus

-OU! said the ghost.

*shivers* Black eyes unpurred! (Can we ban this ''verb'' please?)

One of the statues!

-RRRRRR! Unpurred (*sigh*) Rufus.

-RRRRRR! Unpurred (*double sigh*) Han Solo.

-RRRRRR! Unpurred (*facepalm*) the statue as a response.

Han Solo and Rufus left but the ghost arrived. (best action description, 10/10 WOW OMG SUCH INCREDIBLE TALENT 🙄) Han Solo and Rufus calmed down but they sea a hole in the floor. What is it hidhing? V cats! (They are the main enemies for context)

Rufus, the next night, accompanied by Han Solo, slipped silently by the door they saw the ghost...

-HA HA, laughed Han Solo Rufus removing the white blanket of the ghost a simple V cat! (the punctuation, or rather, lack of, makes everyone second-guess what the sentence even means)

The statues are filled with cats to make them move!

Rufus denounced the stupid V that wanted to take the territory.


(Now let's all give middle fingers to this story)

(Also this story doesn't explain the tomb being empty, though that might be because the whole tomb was a setup by V to scare their enemies away and get the territories; but, what is CERTAINLY NEVER explained is the fact the "ghost" was never seen on the photo.)

Written by AFUniversCat
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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