The Haunted School

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You think school is tough right heh, heh WRONG! (lol spongebob refrence) Anyways, near a town called "Harissville" there is a haunted school there. 6 floors for each grade level, not like other schools. K, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. There is a local lengend aboot the school. There were like 8 hallways. Each one about 10 rooms. A Super school like you might say.

Just dont stay there for long. Or else. You see, on the 6th floor, 6th hallway, class 6. Dont enter there ever! Because of the paranormal activity inside the classrom. It was a math class were most hell is located. A normal classroom. With a teacher, aboot 31 kids. Many say that the teacher was insane.

Lost in tought, many of the kids were. As usual aboot 10% were done. 45% were still doing the work. 20% asleep. 25% not doing anything.

The teacher was reported to have been in a mental insitituion for a year or so. For spelling words with bloody guts. His evil was devilish. But he kept it on a down low. He once went insane and stabbed a kid in the brain. Many people tried to put a cross on him, but it melted off.

Game. The College of Game, Harissville it was called. School was called "college" all the time. This might not have been much of a Spicy creepypasta. But I tell you what. Read the first word of every paragraph :)

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