The Haunted Violin

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I love playing violin so much I didn't have the money to get one but I worked so hard that I made some money to get a violin I went to the store the man looked seriously weird he stared at me with an evil smile on his face I told him that I wanted to buy a violin that is cheap in price so he told me in an evil voice 'Wait here'. he gone to pick a violin up for me I waited he came back with an old-looking violin he said to me the price I gave him the money the violin box was weird-looking some words was written by a red marker. I couldn't understand I was outside the shop when i went inside the shop again the man was not there I was not very happy to know that the man is gone. I thought he lift the shop to the next shift man, anyway I rode my car I saw a man waving at me on the platform I was pretty paranoid that I didn't talk or do a reaction when i went home. I sat on the sofa I wanted to play the violin so badly I opened the violin box the violin was covered in dust I wiped the dust off the violin I started playing the violin the violin sounded horrible. so I gone to my father to see if there is a problem in the chords or in the violin so he checked it for me and he told me that the violin is pretty good. and doesn't need to be fixed I was pretty scared to hear that I went to bed I was very nervous to sleep. I pushed my self to sleep. when I slept I dreamed about the same man I saw at the shop and on the platform. I saw him in the dream smiling to me holding a violin and he starts the play it in a horrible symphony I woke up at night, I heard a violin playing sound in my mother's room. where I left the violin I was so scared to even approach the room where the sound is I walked slowly to the bathroom I heard the sound of the violin growing louder and scarier I woke up my mother she is sleeping in the room that I put the violin in I told her did you hear my violin playing. she stared at me and told me to go to sleep. I gone to sleep as told I saw the man but with an angry look he said in a demonic voice. 'Don't dare to return the violin back or you will suffer..' I woke up scared at 8 a.m. I decided to return the violin back. when I rode the car the same man was standing but was holding a knife. I decided to drive faster the man lost me I gone inside the shop the man who met me this time was young he told me that I can take another violin instead I said no thank you and wanted the money. and I asked him about a man with a glasses that works in the shop he told me. how come I think the old man you saw is dead I said What ? he said the man you met is dead. I left the shop and gone to rest on my bed and I hope i don't see that man ever again.

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